Creative Ideas To Keep Both Adults And Kids Busy During The Coronavirus Lockdown


Right now many people around the globe are being confined to their homes because of the coronavirus. For parents with kids who are now at home full-time, this might be extra challenging time. While this is a stressful time for everyone, there are also many ways to make an extended time at home more enjoyable. Here are a few creative ways to keep both you and your kids busy during this trying time. And remember — we’re going to get through this!

Read A Book


We all have a stack of books that we’ve “been meaning to get to” for quite some time now. This is the chance to finally dust these off and dive into another world. Reading is a great way to escape and take your mind off of things for a little while.


Kids learn better when they’re having fun. BrainPOP is a fun and great online resource where kids can choose not only learning subjects such as English and math but arts and crafts too, as well as learn about the coronavirus, the solstice, and top movies.

Cook Up a Storm

Many people find cooking therapeutic, and will actually welcome this downtime. Those who are usually too busy to experiment and try out new recipes will be able to do so now. If you’re great at cooking, now you can practice and practice until it’s perfect or try out new recipes!

Computer Programming For Kids – Tynker

If your child is interested in computer programming, then try Tynker. It’s a free online tool that teaches kids all about computer programming in a fun and creative way. Exercises are split into three different age groups, for kids over the age of five.

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